Answering Leads in Seconds & Bringing more People to Your Store!

Whenever customers reply to your listings - PulsarAI takes over the conversation. It automates all communications in email, sms and drives the conversation to the goal - an appointment!

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What Pulsar Can do For You!

It Understands!

Pulsar understands what customers ask about - prices, features, terms, etc. by using integration with your existing systems.

It Answers!

It will answer multiple questions in a two-way conversation while continually attempting to schedule an appointment.

It Re-engages!

If leads are not converted - it follows up until they're re-engaged. Every follow-up strategy is tailored to each customer.

Other Features Offered

By monitoring customer interactions, Pulsar detects buying signals and prioritizes leads according to the information gathered.
We analyze conversation data and provide you with insights and stats that help you understand your customers better.
Pulsar directly schedules appointments into your CRM, that is seamlessly integrated. It updates leads and notifies the sales team.
It is 100% configurable, allowing dealers change answers, goals, follow-ups, etc.
It detects when a salesperson has taken over the lead communication and stops, letting the sales representative do their job and convert leads into customers.
Pulsar knows every detail from the dealership's inventory and provides answers to specific queries based on that. It sends pictures and other media of the car the user is looking for and offers several options based on inventory similarity.


See Pulsar In Action!

  • When a lead comes in from any source, Pulsar reads the question, generates a response using inventory data and sends it back to the customer. By immediately answering every lead, Pulsar keeps the conversation going and converts it into an appointment.
  • Appointments, calls, and follow-ups are scheduled automatically in CRM and notifications are sent to the dealership team. Every interaction is immediately reported to the CRM. Sales representatives can takeover leads anytime they want.
  • If conversion does not happen - Pulsar starts following up until it re-engages the customer. Follow up messages are based on the conversation history - considering what was the drop-off reason.

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