What We Do

We equip our customers with our international award winning state-of-the-art dialog automation technology that increases sales, customer satisfaction and ROI.

We believe that there is only one BEST moment to answer customer`s question - the moment it is being asked.

Today, no customer wants to wait to get the information they need, it should be immediate.

This is what Pulsar is all about - we help companies improve their communications with their customers by speeding up the response time and improving the quality of their answers. Our natural language understanding software processes millions of conversations sent by customers each month.

Who We Are

Pulsar is THE TEAM that has created Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for different languages from scratch. This is how we know how to create language understanding automations that perform better than humans do. We enabled technologies to solve real life problems that no one else could do before and continue doing so.

Pulsar at Startup Grind



Meet our exceptionally talented team!

Ana Kolkhidashvili
Computational Linguist
Guram Dentoshvili
Machine Learning Engineer
Nino Gotoshia
Machine Learning Engineer
Sofo Chkhoidze
Dachi Choladze
Mariam Matiashvili
Computational Linguist
Grigory Babajanyan
Software Engineer
Zaal Gachechiladze
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Bilson
National Sales Director
Elene Kadagishvili
Computational Linguist
Bella Beradze
General Manager
Mick Brennan
Director of Sales

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