How it Works

Pulsar answers everything that your customers ask and drives conversations to your goals - appointment, call, test drive...

All Internet Leads

Pulsar processes all internet leads that come to your CRM and carries real conversations with them.

All Digital Channels

It communicates with your customers in all channels - Email, SMS, Chat.

All Customers

Pulsar engages customers by immediately answering all questions they ask.

By automating the communication between potential customers and dealerships, Pulsar helps book more appointments, more calls, collects more information about prospects and increases dealership’s overall ROI.

If Pulsar can’t answer the question, the thread will be routed to the appropriate dept. We answer on every topic like: vehicle features, various car options, vehicle history, hours of operation, contact info and directions, incentives and personalized offers, inventory availability...

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In an effort to help dealerships deal with the current crisis and minimize the damage caused by COVID-19, Pulsar opens up its platform for FREE through June 30th, 2020. Secure your spot in the limited availability!